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This Is Bulfinch

Our Associates’ Thoughts on What Being a Bulfincher Means to Them

Andrew Altenbach

"While interviewing with several reputable financial firms, I quickly knew The Bulfinch Group stood apart from the rest. My path began with the firm’s training and supportive culture. Bulfinch Associates are expected to possess a high level of knowledge, attention    to detail and pure grit. To support these expectations, the firm provides deep resources    like mentorships, marketing and research. I then utilize this foundation to provide exceptional holistic advice to my clients. Regardless of resources and life stages, I can equip my clients with a gamut of strategies that benefit their lives. As they see the pieces of their financial lives coordinating in harmony, you can see the confidence in their eyes   and hear it in their voices. Those moments of true financial planning are the most  gratifying, and I look forward to a long career of making positive impacts on people’s lives.”

- Andrew Altenbach, 3 Years

Jonathan Pierre

"I joined The Bulfinch Group because I want to positively impact people’s lives. It was apparent to me during the company’s selection process that The Bulfinch Group is a special place that shows attention to the details — the same level of attention that they give to their clients. It is nice to wake up each day with a purpose. I think my clients would all say, because of our work together, that they have moved closer towards their objectives for their families. They now have a cohesive strategy in place  for their finances which helps create independence, confidence and clarity.”

- Jonathan Pierre, 5 Years

"Joining The Bulfinch Group has given me the opportunity to pursue my passion for helping others achieve their financial goals. It has also provided me with greater flexibility than my former corporate position, allowing me and my family to pursue our life goals. Becoming a Bulfincher has truly been a professional, and personal, win-win.”

- Richard Howell, 8 Years

“Having grown up surrounded by this business, I had the privilege of speaking with my father’s clients and hearing some of their stories. When I started my first job out of college, I noticed that the planning people were doing was not consistent with what I had come to know. Even my own planning was drastically different than my peers. I entered this business to show as many people as possible that there is a better way to plan, and that through understanding different planning vehicles and creating a cohesive strategy, you can re-take control of your financial future.”

- Andrew Guyton, 11 Years
Father-Son Team (The Guyton Group)

“Being a Financial Advisor with The Bulfinch Group gives me an ideal work/life balance, and allows me to achieve my ‘worthy ideal’ which is to help professionals, families and business owners build and preserve their wealth by bringing focus and clarity to their financial lives. A career with the firm provides the ability to truly add value in the lives of others, while providing the quality of life and flexibility that is best for my young family’s needs. My career is exciting and entrepreneurial, with the added distinction of having a supportive work environment here at the firm.”

- Sangita Rousseau, 16 Years

“Over two decades ago, I made a career change from an engineer to a financial consultant and achieved the unthinkable: I don’t hate Mondays anymore. I truly cannot express the amount of gratitude I have when someone goes out of their way to help me with even the simplest tasks. My practice revolves around providing my clients with that same feeling, and making sure they know how much I truly appreciate them. I am grateful for the relationships my career has provided me with, as well as the flexibility I have to spend more time with my family. I genuinely look forward to coming into work every day, and I wouldn’t change a thing.”

- Boris Lokshin, 32 Years