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Ari Stonehill, CLTC®

Most clients come to me feeling either stressed, overwhelmed, or confused about what they should be doing, or they simply lack true confidence in the planning they have done to date!

The vast majority of people I meet have relied on a variety of “advisors” in their world – a family member, friend, accountant, investment advisor, attorney and maybe even a “financial planner.” This disjointed effort often results in a “junk drawer” of financial tools and strategies. Ultimately, this common approach often leads to disorganization and financial mistakes, often resulting in economic catastrophe. I have seen this happen time and time again, including my own personal loss of wealth, which has truly devastating personal and financial consequences.

This is why I live my life through my worthy ideal:

To empower and inspire caring and responsible people to create and implement a customized financial game-plan, giving them comfort in knowing that they can be OK no matter what, individually and as a family, at every stage of life!


  • Complete integration of your finances with your vision of how life should be
  • Comfort in being fully informed about the strategies that will work best for you
  • Confidence that your financial game-plan has the propensity to work under any economic condition and circumstance
  • Relief in knowing your loved ones and your wealth can be fully protected at every stage of life
  • Self-assurance that you can’t outlive your money

I look forward to helping you create your game-plan!

For more information, please see the profile of my partner John Balzer.


Registered Representative & Investment Advisor of Park Avenue Securities, Financial Representative of Guardian. CA Insurance license #OI27648.