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John G. Balzer, JD*, CLTC

John G. Balzer, JD*, CLTC

As a practicing attorney*, I have spent 12 years on the client side of the table. During this time, I have had my share of financial advisors, as well as a collection of “stuff” that I purchased because either mainstream media said it sounded good, or because someone I knew was doing it. I thought I was “all set.”

However, like many others, as my life unfolded I experienced some of life’s hiccups:

  • job loss
  • changes in the economy
  • relationship changes
  • financial goal changes
  • stock market down turns
  • health scares
  • family crisis

I quickly realized that there was a tremendous difference between simply investing and actual planning; I was far from being “all set.” I realized, often the hard way that the only guarantee in life is that life changes are unexpected; it’s how we prepare for these unexpected changes that determine our success both in life and in legacy.

Entering the financial services industry in 1999, I vowed to be different. My practice has been built on my mission to inspire and empower caring and responsible people to create and implement a customized, “bullet proof” financial game-plan, giving them comfort in knowing that they will be OK, individually and as a family, no matter what unexpected change life throws at them.


  • Clarify and rectify common financial myths
  • Evaluate your current and alternative strategies to confirm what is right for you
  • Build and implement a financial strategy that is designed to work under any circumstance
  • Better prepare you for some of life’s unexpected events
  • Help you to think strategically rather than product oriented

I look forward to helping you build your game-plan.

For more information, take a look at my partner Ari Stonehill’s profile.


Registered Representative & Investment Advisor of Park Avenue Securities, Financial Representative of Guardian. *Not practicing law for Guardian or any subsidiaries or affiliates thereof. CA Insurance license #OI20874.