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Jim Bricker, MBA

My Story: As a Harvard MBA, Class of 1973, I had the pleasure of 30 years of varied business experience prior to becoming a Financial Advisor in 2003. I worked in Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized companies, small companies, start-ups, and two companies which I founded. I served as General Manager and Vice President of several companies, and CEO of six different companies.

All this, coupled with the fabulous training I have had in the financial services world, prepared me well for working with a broad spectrum of clients. I work now at The Bulfinch Group with people in all walks of life, with modest income up to high net worth individuals, and companies and institutions of all sizes. I specialize in working with business owners, executives and managers because of my background, and also enjoy teaching people from outside the business world some of the basics of how finances really work.

My Services: I begin my working relationship with clients by exploring your goals, objectives and concerns, not only financially, but also professionally and personally. Then, together, we address all of the issues which can be important to structuring a successful future:

  • Family budgeting and lifestyle choices
  • Life insurance, disability and long term care programs
  • Mortgage and debt structure*
  • Investment management
  • Fixed income opportunities
  • Retirement strategies
  • Family legacy and charitable giving
  • Guidance with business plans and career issues
  • Company employee benefits packages and pension plans

Our Long-Term Relationship: I make it my business to be a permanent resource to my clients, and take pride in the many client relationships which have turned into lifelong friendships.

*Guardian nor any of its subsidiaries offer Mortgage and debt structuring services

Registered Representative & Investment Advisor of Park Avenue Securities, Special Agent of Guardian. CA Insurance license #OE92505.