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Gary J. Peters, CLU®, ChFC®

Gary J. Peters, CLU®, ChFC®

Financial Advisor & Investment Specialist at The Peters Group

At The Peters Group, we work for a sense of purpose: helping our clients achieve financial balance. Just as you are committed to what you do, we are committed to providing you with the flexibility to allocate your time among your family, your practice and whatever else it is that you find important. Through a comprehensive, uncommon financial planning process, we coordinate all aspects of your financial life to help you prepare for financial burdens and focus on the things that matter most to you.

For me, the power of commitment goes beyond my practice. As I entered my senior year of high school, my mother shared with me that I would not only be the first person in our family to go to college, but also that I was the first person she ever knew personally who would achieve a higher education. Unfortunately, neither she nor my dad would see me off. My father died just before my high school graduation, and my mother passed not long after. Losing both parents so early, I was committed to do whatever it took to get myself through four years of college, earning my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at Northeastern University. I have applied this level of commitment to all aspects of my life. The only thing I ask of my clients is that they commit to giving my team six hours of their time, over the course of 60 days, so we can successfully get their financial house in order.

My wife, Marga, and I currently reside in Weston, MA, and we greatly enjoy all that New England has to offer; I especially enjoy golfing and fishing. Our practice now includes our two sons, Nicholas and Timothy, and it has been wonderful working with them. Along with our exceptional support staff, our team runs on nearly 40 years of experience, developing the specialized knowledge and resources to successfully guide our clients toward financial balance.


Registered Representative & Financial Advisor of Park Avenue Securities, Special Agent of Guardian. CA Insurance license #OD32734.