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Dylan B. Grocer

Dylan B. Grocer

Managing Associate | Financial Advisor

Empowering Sales Professionals & Business Owners for Financial Excellence | Financial Advisor & Managing Associate | Expertise in Customized Financial Strategies

My unwavering commitment lies in aiding sales professionals and small business owners in achieving financial stability and success. Drawing from my extensive experience, I specialize in curating tailored financial solutions that align with your unique goals.
For Sales Professionals:
If you are a sales professional with substantial on-target earnings (OTE), I am here to be your strategic ally. My objective is to help you optimize your income, navigate investments astutely, manage debts judiciously, and mitigate tax implications. Together, we will forge a personalized financial roadmap to guide you towards your ambitions.
For Business Owners:
For small business owners, I offer guidance that extends to optimizing employer-sponsored plans, including 401(k)s. Acknowledging the intricate challenges you face, I am dedicated to aiding you in offering competitive benefits that attract and retain top-tier talent. Through meticulous planning, we will create retirement strategies tailored to your business's unique requirements.About Me:Originally from Boston, my academic journey led me to the University of New Hampshire, where I attained a B.S. in Finance and Management. My professional mission centers on seamlessly integrating financial knowledge into the lives of sales professionals, business owners, and the families of those around me.Beyond Finance:While my primary focus is financial guidance, my personal pursuits include global exploration – a passion sparked during a transformative semester abroad in Australia. Additionally, I find solace and joy in activities like skiing, golfing, fishing, and sailing.Ideal Clients:I am actively seeking to engage with a select group of 100 individuals who share my values and are driven to achieve their financial aspirations. Whether you are navigating family dynamics, significant life events, or pursuing upward mobility, I am poised to provide comprehensive financial counsel.Comprehensive Financial Planning:My approach encompasses a spectrum of critical areas, including investments, retirement planning, estate transfer strategies, education planning, cash flow optimization, and risk management through insurance strategies.
Let's Connect:
I invite you to initiate a dialogue regarding your financial objectives. Together, we will architect a trajectory towards financial prosperity. Reach out, and let's embark on this collaborative journey towards financial empowerment.
Professional Accomplishments:
  • Guardian's Client Builder Diamond Award - 2020
  • ADD - Guardian's Client Builder Year 1 Award - 2021


Registered Representative and Investment Advisor of Park Avenue Securities, Financial Representative of Guardian. CA Insurance License #4077200; FL Insurance License #W686186.