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Community Leadership and Running a Small Business

October 24, 2019
Building Your Business Leadership Life/Work Integration

Corey Phillips is a successful financial advisor with The Bulfinch Group as well as a co-owner of a retail liquor store, community advocate that sits on the Board of 4 different non-profits, a youth sports coach, and a dad of 2 daughters. Corey explores how to manage the illusive time-to-value ratio so that we can decide what doing it all looks like for each of us.


All in the Family (Business)

October 24, 2019
Building Your Business Finding a Career that Fits Leadership Life/Work Integration

Andrew Guyton is a financial advisor with 7 years of experience who joins us to talk about the pros and perils of a family business. He addresses what he and his father do to make financial planning fun and engaging but also how he maintains a personal identity within a family business.


Empowering Women

October 23, 2019
#ThisIsBulfinch Building Your Business Leadership Making a Difference

Womens’ Worth Founder Amy Lampert, a Financial Advisor with The Bulfinch Group, is on a mission to empower women to be masters of their financial destinies through education on the complicated topic of money. Her goal is to help create wise and informed consumers.