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Finding a Career that Fits

All in the Family (Business)

October 24, 2019
Building Your Business Finding a Career that Fits Leadership Life/Work Integration

Andrew Guyton is a financial advisor with 7 years of experience who joins us to talk about the pros and perils of a family business. He addresses what he and his father do to make financial planning fun and engaging but also how he maintains a personal identity within a family business.


Family Matters

October 15, 2019
#ThisIsBulfinch Building Your Business Finding a Career that Fits Life/Work Integration

Bulfinch Group Financial Advisors Mike and Zvi Shtifer reflect on their father-son team and what it means to be part of The Bulfinch Group. This intergenerational team discuss values, trust, and understanding what matters most.


How Coaching Basketball Prepared Me for a Career in Financial Services

August 27, 2019
Business And Athletics Finding a Career that Fits

After a career of coaching women's college basketball that can be described as nothing less than stellar, Erik Johnson knows a thing or two about what it takes to lead others to success and inspire them to reach their goals. Learn about how his coaching experience prepared him for success in the financial services industry.


Why I am a Financial Advisor with The Bulfinch Group

August 27, 2019
Finding a Career that Fits Making a Difference

The best part about being a Financial Representative is having the means to help others achieve their financial goals. In fact, it's why Bulfincher Brian McGrath chose the career. Learn more about his "Why" here.