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Being an Associate with The Bulfinch Group means you are a part of a movement that is bigger than any one person can be by themselves.

As an associate, a career track should have one direction: UP.

If you ask yourself whether it is possible to have a career where you can control your income as well as your time and that your continual growth is shaped by your OWN vision, goals and values, the answer is yes.

The desire for the opportunity to impact peoples’ lives on a daily basis is what drives our associates. Our associates bring value to the table so that they’re welcomed as a strategic team member by business owners and professionals.

The rewards of a career with The Bulfinch Group are as much personal as they are professional. You will be joining a community of professionals and a firm associated with a company that has a reputation for outstanding products, solid performance and unquestioned integrity. Most of all, you will form relationships with clients that can last a lifetime.

Do good: Help your clients reach their dreams and goals.

Do well. There is no ceiling on your ability to earn significant income.

It is our mission to focus on the financial strategies that make bigger differences in our clients’ lives. By changing the way people think about their money, we help our clients reach new levels of wealth that had previously been believed to be unreachable.

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Douglas Reiss

Director of Talent Acquisition

Phone: 781-292-3257

Gina Christiano

Marketing & Talent Acquisition Coordinator

Phone: 781-292-3161